Floki Rocket: Bringing Proven Tokenomics with High BNB Rewards to the Binance Smart Chain

What is Floki Rocket ($RLOKI)?

Building on the success of the Floki hype is the newest and coolest Floki pup. Floki Rocket is all set to shake things up in the world of decentralized finance. Big things often have small beginnings and Floki Rocket is surely set to prove this theory. Floki Rocket at its core is a frictionless yield token and by simply holding $RLOKI in your wallet, you will yield a passive income paid out in $BNB through static reflections. Our project brings an err of nostalgic sentimentality which cuts out all the smoke and mirrors of new contract features that contains nothing but false promises. Implementing proven tokenomics without taking shortcuts with absolute quality in mind.

How do the reflections work?

Floki Rocket tokemonics work by taking a tax fee on every transaction. 4% of each buy and sell fee is redistributed to every wallet that holds $RLOKI on a percentage basis. Each holder will secure a passive income in the form of $BNB. By just simply holding $RLOKI in your wallet, you will yield a generous passive income.

Team Core Values

With an eye towards true innovation, coupled with a deep passion for cutting edge technology our team have laid the foundation for very successful project which is right on trend. Floki Rocket is very much a community-driven project, reflecting not only $BNB token rewards, but also the ethical and charitable status of our project and long term goals. Our team have worked tirelessly to build a community of investors focused on the long-term future of the project, enjoying a passive income from their hold, whilst being involved in the development of our web presence and advertising strategies. The clear emphasis we place on transparency and trustworthiness will support an incredible community of passionate investors and long-term asset holders. The Floki Rocket core values consists of three very important pledges: our pledge to the community, our pledge to transparency and finally our pledge to innovation. The team have proven we do not shy away from a challenge, so be prepared to see new features added as we go including our NFT development in Q1 / 2022.

Delivering on our Promises!

Is this a SAFE project?

Yes, Absolutely!
● Full Team KYC Verified with TechAudit (3 members)
● Contract code fully audited by Trynos before launch
● Liquidity Locked (Minimum of 12 months via DXSALE)
● Trustworthy and transparent Team
● Regular AMAs
● Our team has extensive experience in this space
● We are very active on Telegram
● Clear and transparent communication
● Contract verified by BSCScan
● Strict anti snipe/bot measures
● Rug-proof team
You are in SAFE HANDS!

● Not financial advice. Be sure to do your own due diligence.

What makes Floki Rocket stand out among the crowd?

● Amazing Tokenomics driven towards rewarding holders with $BNB
● Custom Dapp wallet tracker
● NFT Development
● Strong ethical values
● Community Driven
● Aggressive marketing drive
● Relevant to current trends
● Designed for longevity
● CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap listings
● We bring the right energy and passion to make this a success

Team Members

We understand that having a strong team and a proven strategy in place is fundamental to the success of our project. In line with our core team value of transparency, our team is fully DOXXED. Our portfolio construct is primarily driven by our focus on improving the Decentralized Finance Industry. As a result, only the best brains and brilliant minds with proven track records of success have come together to achieve this landmark feat. Our team consists of impressive experts in the blockchain industry, professionals in startup development, and experienced leaders in technology.


Have a read of our whitepaper which explains our project in detail.


Have any questions?

Contact us directly using the links below.

| Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Buy | Chart |




Floki Rocket is a low tax reward token which has been designed to generously reward you in $BNB for simply holding!

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Floki Rocket

Floki Rocket

Floki Rocket is a low tax reward token which has been designed to generously reward you in $BNB for simply holding!

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